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My first customer on the Upwork ordered the development of a logo.

When contacting me, the client asked me to describe the ideas that I can offer to solve their problems. During the interview, I found out what the client’s preferences are and what the name means: CASCADIA is a locality. The cascade mountains are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And I wanted to use them. I made a lot of sketches by hand and provided 3 final versions. Most of all, the client liked the mountains as a key element. Two powerful images have come together: the key to your future home and the place of your dreams.

The client wanted the color scheme to be close to natural shades. I chose several color palettes and made several options. As a result, emerald green was chosen as the main color. Its shades, which I also used, resemble mountains in a hazy haze in the distance.


Главная Concept. Logo. Company CASCADIA BROKERS